Space Cat Revisited

12:15 PM

After enduring a sudden move from a two bedroom to one bedroom apartment in December 2015, recovering from BOTH of us being laid off, and with me adjusting to my new full-time job... things come in threes, and those things have been REALLY hectic. A lot of you already know what we've been through, but for you folks at home, Murphy's Law has basically been hammering on us since before the Holidays.

Because of this, we're revamping the way we do blog posts and our Patreon, to make it more affordable to y'all to help us keep our heads above water and maybe, just maybe, thrive instead of survive. (Wild, right? What a concept!) At current, we're at a $5 flat fee, but we're going to introduce other rewards-- lower & higher, but not MUCH higher-- in the near future after we're able to get our ducks in a row.

Both of us have some art we're planning on posting, with some of it that's going to be exclusive for Patreon members. L has a preview of her in-progress novel that she'll be posting soon. I'm currently editing and spiffing up old posts from the previous blog to have some meat-and-potatoes content over here, as well.

We're adjusting and growing, and we thank you for sticking with us during this very stressful adjustment period. Much, much love!

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